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  • Makaveli
    01-05 03:55 AM
    Originally Posted by Guig0
    Let me warn thee, Becareful! That name is not to be used lightly, nor even spoken aloud. Unless thy crave is to awaken the horror of the Kirupalvania. For behold! That evil not even thou can put a stop to it. So a change in the subject must be made, whilst the doom come to us.

    ooooooooh, Guuig0 is a poet and shakespeare lover!!! .....but, you are seriously scaring me Guig0 with that shakespeare stuff...i failed many essays and tests on that dude and his stories

    Originally Posted by Soul
    My computer has been hacked the hell out of today thats why I havent been able to get on! I got their IP addresses though

    it was probaby some "l33t script" 13 year old hacker...while we are on the topic of computers getting f'ed...i got that annoying Yaha virus ........i had to reformat and install everything again...

    oh and Castle is an excellent theme!! i'm sure people will go nuts with the idea...who knows some of the advanced people might even put a dragon and knights/kings/queens

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  • prashantkh
    08-31 01:26 PM
    We can email the whole report to all the major news corporations, I can email it to Colorado's local media too with the hope that some of them might publish it if not all. Doesn't hurt to try.


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  • alex99
    10-19 08:00 AM
    To statr with,

    let A=% of Indians among 3,20,000?

    % of EB1 cases from A?
    % of Eb2 cases from A
    % of Eb3 cases from A

    Any guesses......?

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  • pappu
    10-06 01:29 PM
    Ask him.
    :D :D :D :D :D :D


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  • ghost
    07-01 11:01 AM
    How did the show go?

    It can't be at 4 in the morning:D or is it?:confused:

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  • cyclone_p
    06-21 12:18 AM
    Hello :

    My EAD is valid till August 10, 2010. This is my second EAD. 1st filed with I-485 in 2007 and second renewed in 2008.

    First Renewal Attempt :

    I therefore sent my papers to my employer in early April 2010 (120 days in advance). My employer to 10 days to file with USCIS (Snail Mail - Phoenix Lockbox). Then USCIS took another 30 days to look at my papers. They rejected it. Reason :

    The check amount is incorrect, or has not been provided. Please review the Form Instructions for fee information. Please resubmit the application/petition package with the appropriate fees to the USCIS address listed on the bottom of this notice.

    The eligibility code you provide on your I-765 requires proof that an I-485 has been submitted. Please resubmit your Form I-765 with a copy of your Form I-485 receipt notice (I-797).

    Turns out my employer did provide checks were provided in the correct amount but the name on the check was incorrect "USCIS Vermont Office"...Go figure.

    Further, I had never received my I-485 receipt notice in mail (filed when the flood gates opened in July/August 2007). I had however received my ASC FP notice and had used it in my previous EAD renewal in 2008. I had sent in a copy of this with my paperwork. That did not seem to have worked. So I called USCIS NSC and they informed me that I need to attach a cover letter with my application explaining that I did not receive the I-797 for the I-485.

    Second Renewal Attempt :

    So this time, I filed my application to the Phoenix Lockbox myself via snail mail (never efiled so thought why take a chance). I sent my own checks payable to "US Department Of Homeland Security" as mentioned in the I-765 instructions. I also included a cover letter about my missing I-485 receipt notice and sent in the I-485 ASC FP notice copy along with a printout of the pending I-485 from USCIS website.

    This new app reached USCIS on June 1, 2010.

    It got rejected again and reached me yesterday on June 19, 2010. Reasons...Exactly the same as before.

    Needless to say, I was confused, frustrated, angry, sad...and everything in between.

    Starting Third Attempt :

    Given that only 50 days are left for my current EAD to expire. I e-Filed again yesterday (June 20 2010) hoping that by doing so, I will bypass the Phoenix Lockbox and will avoid the reason for rejection regarding the check.

    I will be mailing my supporting documents tomorrow. They will reach USCIS on June 22 2010. The only thing/s addtional that I am sending in now are...

    a) The top tear-off from the original EAD mailer (had forgotten to send it in last two times as I thought it was not necessary)

    b) A request for correction on the eFiled EAD as I mentioned "Country Of Citizenship" as "USA" instead of "India" (Thanks to my frustrated mood and the poor usability of the I-765 online form).

    Request advice...

    I know that I will have to stop working on August 11 2010 and I can't earn for as long as I don't have a valid EAD in my hand. I also know that it does not affect my Green Card I-485 app as long as I don't work without and EAD.

    So what should I do from here on? Should I wait...I still have 50 days to hope to get my renewed EAD in. Should I call USCIS and request expedited processing of my case...but I haven't even received my receipt notices yet. Should I book and INFOPASS appt...but INFOPASS appointments for I-765 are only issued if it has been more than 90 days since the application was filed?

    I will really appreciate any comments/suggestion regarding my case.


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  • SL%%
    07-20 01:17 AM
    Are the processing times according to the notice date or the received date ? Mine are 4 months apart.

    It is based on Received date but some are saying that CIS is not really following that but in "THEORY", its the RCVD Date.

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  • sweet_jungle
    03-03 03:07 PM

    How long is it taking for renewing passport at San Francisco?


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  • pappu
    06-19 06:18 PM
    Latest update is being given to state chapters. If you are a chapter member contact your leader. If you do not belong to a chapter and do not have a chapter in your state contact other chapter leaders near your state.

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  • bestin
    10-09 01:13 PM
    you have to apply for extension hope you got the passport renewed.

    Visa stamp is for entry, I-94 determines the status and length of stay. Even if the stamp is valid if I-94 is expiring you will be out of status.

    If you have filed for I-485 then your status will become AOS.EXACTLY,btb i was in canada and travelled back on 07 feb 07.My passport was valid till sep 07,but somehow the IO gave me i94 till my visa expiry in 2009.


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  • nogc_noproblem
    05-12 01:59 PM
    I have infact created a new thread sometime back specifically for EAD and AP direct filing address details.

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  • kaisersose
    06-16 04:17 PM
    just for comparison remember that the distance from churchgate to virar (in bombay) is 35 km.

    That is equivalent of approx 22 miles. I doubt there is anybody is bombay that drives 35 km one way on a daily basis. But in the US living 10-20 miles from work is not bad. People in my office drive about 40 miles one way without blinking an eyelid. Some drive even more. Plus the cars that they have in india have smaller engines, smaller capacity thereby better gas mileage.

    So for people who say gas is a non issue, think again.

    Yes, thinking again, my opinion still remains the same. Gas prices in the US moved up from 25c a gallon in the late 60s to what it is now. No one stopped driving on account of that. Ditto with India.

    I say, we will not see signifcant changes in the US lifestyle due to increasing gas prices. People will adapt and continue to do what they are doing. But this is theory and cannot be substantiated with evidence. Hence, I accept I could be wrong too.


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  • Lasantha
    02-07 03:19 PM

    Hmmm.. What are you implying Chandu??? :D

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  • gc_chahiye
    07-13 12:58 AM
    yeah but its time anyway for the August VB, and its VERY interesting to see what they say. If they put everything as U, they are potentially in trouble, as they have apparently returned unused visas to DOS. So there are unused visas...


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  • ragz4u
    02-27 12:33 PM
    She should have tried through the emergency quota/appoinment to get her stamping.. Death in immediate family is a accepted for this and I know a colleague you had to go for India for the very same reason, death in the family and returned back after getting his stamping. Got his appointment through EQ. If you fear to get stamped in India, then you can blame the appointment to be 4 months away, etc.. etc...

    The article posted is touching, but out lives are not that bad .. We are far more better and we do have a good life.

    I do not think one would not go to India just because he/she is scared to get a stamp in India. The loss of someone dear to you can overcome any such fears one might have (for me atleast thats applicable).

    In any case, I did not know (neither did my collegaue) of the emergency quota. Thanks for sharing that with us and thanks to forums like these, every day is a learning experience.

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  • irock
    09-25 07:21 PM
    My wife's case
    Date you filed: 07/26/2007
    Receipt Date: 07/26/2007
    Service center NSC (receipt no starts with LIN)
    EAD approved on Spet 24th 2007.

    My EAD is still pending status.

    My EAD is also approved today. Got "Card production ordered" email.


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  • arnet
    07-05 04:38 PM
    there are few famous talk show hosts in KABC radio (Southern california), atleast 5 of them, who have larger listeners and they have devoted one hour everyday regd immigration issues (until they kill this CIR bill because they dont like amnesty issue), they do usually their programs from morning 8am and 5pm-11pm, so I request IV core team to contact their producers using their 1-800 numbers and explain the other side of story i.e. documented workers and how they suffer and what relief this bill can provide us.

    for more details, please visit:

    IV core team: please contact Rush Limbaugh's talk show host, he has atleast a million listeners.


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  • Soul
    12-30 10:50 AM

    I don't think I'll be voting seen as I'm in the battle lol

    - Soul :goatee:

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  • leoindiano
    01-18 10:15 AM
    2000-2002 was worst. Who didnt do job search during that time have no idea how it felt like.

    I just came out of school then and it felt like sky is falling on me. Becoming desparate to survive, i went to work in a gas station. The lady owner didnt pay me after i worked for a week saying i am not concentrating enough. Then out of no where i found a technology job that paid 17$ per hour to keep me going and they did my H1 a year later in 2002. It just made me more strong i guess. But, it is a hell of an experience. Most of my freinds went for second masters or PHD to Keep the status.

    09-22 12:38 PM
    With current situation in economy, I don't think our HR 5882 will be in the mark uplist. US govt has bigger problems than spending time for "recapture EB visas". I have no hope of recapture bill will be discussed near future. Sorry for my pesimistic views

    07-11 07:53 PM
    Has anyone considered the implications of identity theft, fraud etc if the USCIS does start returning the adjustment of status applications? When my daughter applied for adjustment of status a couple of years ago her application was rejected erroneously and returned to her. When she opened the package, it not only contained her information, but also someone else's highly confidential and personal documents. The documents were completely mixed in with hers - all out of order - and even the other person's check was returned to her. The person's case was also very time sensitive and of an extremely confidential nature.

    We gathered up the information and personally returned it the local USCIS office - who told us it happens all the time! We sent a letter to the person concerned telling him what had happened and advising him to contact the office immediately.

    Imagine what might happen if the USCIS starts returning the 1000's of July applications. There is a good possibility they could mix up applications, return them to wrong addresses or lose valuable paperwork. They certainly won't return applications via Fedex or UPS - they'll just throw them in the mail without any way to track them.

    Many green card applicants, have social security numbers and have been working for years to build good a credit history. Anyone getting hold of these packages will have access to all personal history, addresses and of course the bank account information on the checks sent to pay the application fees. Just a thought . . .

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